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This is an ad that I thought was really effective. The major component is the visual, and it really grabs attention. A shirtless fat guy with writing all over him? I was curious as to what was written on his body. It was charts, graphs, and other business-like information. The ad is for a data backup company. I thought it was a good ad, because as soon as you read the headline, it all makes sense. It says, “How are you planning to back up your company’s most valuable data?” It brings up a potential problem in a way that just makes you think, without being offensive.

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Interesting! I’m not a Twitter user myself, just because I don’t want to have something else to have to check and take away time from homework, but I think for a business, Twitter is amazing! I think it’s probably better than Facebook, just because updates are so constant and people see them, as opposed to Facebook, where if I’m a fan of, say, JC Penney, I have to check their Facebook page for latest developments. And let’s face it, who is really gonna check a business page if there’s nothing on your news feed to remind you?

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I feel so bad for that man! If that were my gramps that had to fly soaked in urine because an employee ripped his medical equipment, I’d be soooo pissed! And probably would resort to flying another airline. Yes, we need to be cautious and search people. But we don’t need to be so aggressive that we cause this kind of situation. It’s really unbelievable that that happened.

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postal service

Although it would be economically beneficial for the postal service, it’s true that a lot of people would lose jobs. I also would be pretty worried if I were old and my asthma meds came through the mail and I ran out on a FRIDAY!!! I can see how some people really depend on the postal service. Tough choice. I’m interested to see what will happen, and how fast the decision will be made, seeing as it has to pass through Congress.

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Barefoot Bandit

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Crazy story! He flew a plane with no shoes! Very impressive. It’s so amazing that he was able to teach himself so much, and it’s complicated stuff! It’s weird to think that his teachers in high school probably just saw him as a problem child with no potential and he is capable of so much. I think I’d like to meet him.

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Apple’s Ping

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Yeah, I think it will be really hard to get people to use Ping instead of Facebook. And Twitter. And every other social media network out there. It does seem creepy! And I know Apple is huge and all, but I wonder if sometimes they try to do just a little toooo much…?

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Kate and William

Yes! Sometimes they just go too far. If she hadn’t lost any weight, they’d be talking about how she’s about to get married and could lose a few pounds. It’s so vicious. Sometimes the stuff they write about is just so low. It’s like really? That’s all you could come up with? But I guess they don’t care, as long as they sell copies of it. Sad. I’m sure they could also sell copies if they actually wrote something non-offensive!

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